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We believe that "the best fertilizer is the farmer's footprint."  This minimalist approach is thoroughly ingrained in all of our practices from the field to our final product. Farm practices ranging from super efficient water systems and electronic monitoring to high tech soil and leaf analysis allow us to conserve and use just the right amount of care to bring you a great product with the least amount of inputs.

At our production facilities we have installed solar fields to offset electricity usage and have a program for recycling any byproducts of production to leave the smallest footprint on the environment that we possibly can. These practices are a conscious decision on our behalf to help protect our environment for future generations. 


Food Safety

Food Safety is the building block of our entire operation. From field safety protocol and practices throughout the entire chain of packing and shipping, food safety is woven into all operations of our organization. 

Venida Packing uses Primus Labs as a third party auditor to assess the protocols that we have in place so we are able to provide some of the safest fresh fruit products in the marketplace.  We adhere to the GFSI standards (Global Food Safety Initiative), one of the most stringent systems to protect our customers both domestic and internationally.